Creating the Story in Art entitled "In Her Hands"

Tracey Roberts © 2015 - 750mm x 1400mm

In Her Hands original

Artist's Statement

This piece resides in a beauty therapy treatment room on a wall which had apparently been patiently waiting for some time for the right artwork.

Christine saw Tracey performing at a jazz concert and loved some of Tracey’s artworks there and was inspired to get her own personal piece. Christine is a calm, friendly and gentle beautician and therapist who offers treatments around balance and harmony, peace, beauty and warmth. She loves rich aubergine, blue and yellow-orange colours – rocks and crystals, flowers and classically elaborate and decorative borders – her hands symbolise her life purpose and the power of her work – symbols representing the interests of her children are cradled in the area within her hands – her husband is represented by images which support her lower hand. Also surrounding and as part of her hands, are certain elements representing objects which and people and animals who have shaped and supported her in her life including her siblings, pets and ancestors.
Scattered throughout the piece are other objects of importance and pieces thereof. Her family history has also been incorporated into this piece of personal artwork – items of and sentimental value which have their own sub-stories…like a cotton reel, a door knob, some jam jars and certain flowers. In the top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner are the motifs that she uses on her gift vouchers in a rectangular box. The bow she uses to wrap her gift voucher boxes is represented by a bow on one of her wrists.