Creating the Story in Art entitled "Linda"

Tracey Roberts © 2012 - 1000mm x 700mm

Tracey Roberts - YSIA Tracey Roberts - Linda O'Brien

Artist's Statement

Melbourne cabaret singer Ron Caffyn, was quite keen to have a portrait made of his girlfriend, pianist, Linda O'Brien, playing her beloved grand piano, and wanted to surprise her.

He supplied me with some photos of her, we discussed the nature of the piece and he liked my ideas about having a semi-abstract background but with a figurative style so she was instantly recognisable. He also wanted red to be a dominant colour with some turquoise and green colours thrown into the mix...

Apart from that, he pretty much allowed me to produce whatever I wanted in a style that he had seen in some of my other artworks and I was delighted that he trusted my judgment. He was and still is very happy with the result.

I have known Linda for years as an accomplished, intelligent and flamboyant pianist with beautiful long red hair and she loves a mini skirt to show off her gorgeous long legs. She is a classy musician, often wearing black, which works well with a black grand piano and coupled with the red hair and red bow on the back of her dress, it all created a striking colour combination for this piece.

I also know as a pianist myself, that if you are reading music, the music sheets often end up flying off the piano as you are performing the piece... so there are pieces of manuscript flying about the place adding movement and a sense of activity in the artwork as well. The other lovely thing that happened during the creation of "Linda" was the very subtle abstract impression of Ron's face at the top left of the piano keyboard - sometimes these random things happen throughout the process of creating art and it's always wonderul when people see shapes and imagery embedded in the stylisations of the artwork. One of the things I absolutely LOVE about art is how we all see things differently and create various interpretations which are meaningful to ourselves.

Linda was delighted with the result and Ron also requested that this piece be made into a limited edition print so it is available to purchase in various sizes - click here to buy "Linda".